A utility-based pass that provides early access to the first learn-to-earn educational platform!
Let us introduce you to Passroom – an innovative project that will transform the outdated e-learning system by making education more accessible, interactive and effective. An online educational content platform where courses are sold as NFTs and those who buy access to a course have the opportunity to resell it. Only student commitment and determination earns them $Learn tokens, so they can earn as much as they are willing to develop!

As owners of the key you will gain early access to the e-learning platfrom, exclusive lifetime discount, staking protocol, utility token, learn-to-earn mechanism and access to the DAO. The DAO will be funded with 10% of the mint royalties + 2.5 % of the revenue of PASSROOM INC. 


THE FIRST Decentralized learn-to-earn platform

Passroom is more than just an NFT collection. We are working to develop the first decentralized peer-to-peer platform for e-learning that allows you to resell your course after you consume it. Passroom is also the first web3 platform to introduce the learn-to-earn utility. Think Udemy, but powered by blockchain and NFT technology.


Passroom is an NFT collection that grants you exclusive access to the Passroom DAO community for degenerates passionate about education and self-development.
The DAO will be funded with 10% of the mint share + 2.5% of the company's revenue.


By holding a Golden Key NFT it'll grant early access to the Beta version of the platform and also a considerable discount to all existing courses.


A % of the mint will go to donations, namely we aim to make a tangible contribution to the real world by investing in education in a developing country like Chad, Cameroon or Liberia.


Stake your Passroom Golden Key NFT to recieve $KNOW (KNOWLEDGE) token. We are working on constructing a decentralized, utility based ecosystem that will provide value to our holders for years to come.

Yearly CRYPTO/nft conferences and metaverse masteminds

Holders of the Key will have free access to yearly Crypto/NFT conferences along with membership to the Metaverse Masterminds that will take place on a Desolate Planet owned by Passroom INC.


A % of the supply of our second PFP collection will be mintable with $KNOW. Stake your NFT, earn $KNOW and mint your Passroom PFP NFT for free.

longevity and transparency

The Passroom’s core values are quite simple, namely: Longevity and utility at the expense of immediate hype, transparency over anonymity, accessibility rather than exclusivity, and certainly growth instead of profit.


Passroom is a next-generation e-learning platform based on immersive NFT technology. Our vision is to revolutionize and decentralize the educational industry, while making the learning process more fun, engaging and rewarding.




The Solana Blockchain.

The mint date is on MAY 27th.

Our goal is to make education more accessible. Therefore, the total supply will be 591.

Mint price is 0.55 SOL for WL & 0.85 SOL for PUBLIC.

About half of the supply is for the whitelist. To be exact 4044.

There are several ways to get on the whitelist – raffles, giveaways, fan art, and just being an active member of the community.

Our project is backed by a corporation – Passroom INC. Our goal is to build the largest decentralized peer-to-peer e-learning platform and become a Web3 unicorn in the future.

There are several benefits of owning a Golden Key from our collection. Some of them are: early beta access to the e-learning platform, staking your NFT for passive income, access to DAO, free mint of our second collection and more.

Stake your NFT to earn $KNOW, $KNOW is our utility token and will have multiple utilities and use cases in our ecosystem.

Our Discord is live. Join our community now!

Passroom is a project built with longevity. We plan to build and deliver value for years to come. Follow us to stay up to date.




A serial entrepreneur who has found his passion in business and self-development. As someone who comes from a lower class family and had nothing to do with business, I was fascinated by human potential and what can be achieved. Self-education is the foundation for success, and I firmly believe that with enough willpower and discipline, you can achieve anything. As a true NFT degen, who has been in the crypto space since 2017, I always wanted to start my own NFT project. However, there was a problem. I did not want to build the next animal PFP project (even though I love them). I believe that innovation drives our economy. I spent countless hours researching and brainstorming until one day it occurred to me that I could combine my two passions: NFTs and education. That was the birth of Passroom. In my eyes, Passroom is more than just an NFT project – it’s a way to help the world become a better place.


Robert Uher

I have been passionate about digital art since forever, for me design means everything around us, me and my team deals with graphic design, web design, UX / UI design, interior design and everything that means design every day, we have many awards won and smiles on people’s faces! I invite you to see ( see the link below ) where you will find a small part of the work submitted. Passroom it is a new approach, a new segment and our vision for the future, here we deliver to people the future of education, where we will make education more accessible to all. My faith and vision is clear, I’m a Web3 enthusiast and I believe that design creates culture, culture shapes values and values determine the future.


Larisa S. Vedeanu

As someone who has worked in the healthcare industry for years, my passion for human nature, neuroscience, and human behavior is growing stronger. Through this, I have come to realize that education is the foundation of everything and the only tool that can help us make the world a better place. Born an idialist in a less than ideal world, I made a promise to myself to fight for the world I know it could be. And here comes Passroom – a project that aligns with my identity and core values. It may sound ambitious, but I am optimistic that Passroom can help make the world a better place.

community manager

Patricia M. Vedeanu

Although I have no prior knowledge and I am new to this industry, the excitement of the web3 world motivates me to delve into this topic. Being an empathetic person who would love to make the world a better place one day, I strongly believe that a good education is the foundation for a better change and that is why I am looking forward to being part of this great team. I am constantly evolving and always looking to find my inner strength, which I believe everyone has. Although I am an introverted personality, I love connecting with people and that has never stopped me from fighting for my principles. That’s why I am so excited and motivated to work at Passroom. The project aligns with my core values and pushes me to excel every day.

psychologist copywriter 

Diana Burdiuja

Behavioral psychologist passionate about how certain factors shapes human behaviors, also feel challenged to find the necessary keys and tools that cause people to proceed or choose in a certain way. For me, the NFTs field seems to be related to the future and lays the foundations of the new digital era, and I strongly believe that adapting to new situations is the most valuable asset of every person.